1. Is this an agency?
    – J-K Network Services is a multilingual recruitment company based here in the Philippines. We are not an agency. We will not deduct any amount of money from our candidates. Our service is for FREE. 
  2. Is your company direct hiring?
    – Yes, all the job openings that we have is for direct hiring.Once hired the contract will be between our client company and the candidate. We will only assist the candidates throughout their job application. 
  3. Are your services are for free?
    – Yes, our service is for FREE. No amount of money will be deducted from the salary of the candidate who is hired by our client company through J-K Network Services. 
  4. If we get hired, are we going to pay J-K Network Services?
    – Our service is for FREE. There is no need to pay J-K Network Services any amount of money. We will only assist you in finding a job here in the Philippines 
  5. Do you accept applicants located overseas/abroad?
    – Some of our clients accommodate candidates located abroad. They may also assist the candidate in processing the working visa however it still depend with our client company. 
  6. What kind of jobs can you offer to me in the Philippines?
    – J-K Network Services is currently partnering with more than 300 global and international companies from different industries such as BPO, lnformation Technology and Communication, Research, Financial , Accounting, Hotel, Resort, Casino, Manufacturing, Automotive, Airlines, Banks, lnsurance, Administrative and Support Services, Health Services and many others. Our candidates will have a wide range of choices in what career field they would like to take. 
  7. How much is the average salary of bilingual speakers?
    – For entry level, the average salary for Bilingual Speaker is from P 50,000 – P 150,000 monthly and may go higher depending on the skills, qualification and language proficiency of the candidate. 
  8. How long normally is the recruitment process?
    -The recruitment process depends on our client company. There are companies who can give you a job offer within a day and there are some wherein it would take around 1 week, 2 weeks or even longer.
  9. I am located abroad, do I need to attend the interviews face to face? Do you accommodate applicants abroad for Skype interviews?
    – We do have clients who can accommodate candidates located abroad and they could do the interview via skype but our clients highly prefer someone who are already in the Philippines. 
  10. Do you provide free relocation assistance or visa processing?
    – Some clients provide relocation assistance and visa processing for the hired candidates but it still depends with the clients 
  11. Do you have home-based jobs for bilingual speakers?
    – Occasionally, we do have openings for home based post however most of our openings are for office based post 
  12. Are there any available bilingual jobs that only require knowledge in speaking the language? No reading and writing?
    – Yes, there are still available jobs for candidates who can only use a specific language in Speaking. We have some clients who only requires Speaking Skills for a certain language 
  13. Do you need an experience as a bilingual?
    – There are some companies who do not require any related experience. As long as you are proficient with the language then you can probably get a job as a bilingual 
  14. Do you require a certificate for the foreign language to get a job?
    – A certificate for language proficiency is not a requirement to some of our client companies but it would be a great plus. 
  15. Do you provide language training?
    Currently we do not provide language training but we are partnering with different language centers wherein you could study with. 
  16. Aside from CSR what kind of jobs are available for bilingual speakers?
    – We do have openings for Accounting, HR positions, IT Consultants and many more for we are partnering with more than 320 global and international companies and they are looking for Bilingual Speakers.
  17. Do I need to go to your office for an Interview?
    -For interview with our recruiters, we normally do it through phone, skype or any other mode of communication which is convenient for our candidates. 
  18. Do you process employment overseas/abroad?
    -We process applications in the Philippines only since all of our openings are all located here in the Philippines. 
  19. Do you offer Bilingual Career Consultation?
    -Yes, we do offer Bilingual Career Consultation. This program is created to further assist our candidates with their concerns and to provide an idea about the Bilingual Career in the Philippines. This service that we are providing is for FREE. Should you want to avail you may fill out our form 
  20. What are the industries of your Client companies?
    – Currently, we are partnering with more than 300 global and international companies from different industries and still increases. Some of our clients are from BPO, information Technology, Hotel, Resort, Casino, Airline Company, Banks, Finance and Accounting, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Shared Service, Education, Automotive, Research,  Pharmaceuticals, Beverage, Wellness, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Logistics, Car Manufacturers, Gaming and many more.
  21. I am not good in English, is there any job for me?
    – Basic to Conversational English Proficiency is acceptable. The main requirement for Bilingual Job is the proficiency in other Foreign Language aside from English

  22. For foreigners, where can I get or process my NBI clearance?
    – If you are a foreign national who are located in National Capital Region and needs to process your NBI clearance, you may process in the main office of the National Bureau of Invistigation (NBI) which is located in United Nations Ave. Manila. Please refer to the link of NBI for reference